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Replacing Supply Stops

  1. Supply stops come in a wide variety of sizes. The sizes can be divided into two categories: inlet and outlet size.
  2. Inlets are most commonly either 1/2 inch FPT (female pipe thread) IPS (iron pipe size) or 1/2 inch copper compression (NOM COMP) which is the same as 5/8 O.D. compression.
  3. Outlets come in 3/8 and 1/2 inch O.D. compression or 1/2 inch IPS.
  4. Which type you need depends on what type of pipe is coming out of the wall, either copper, or threaded pipe and what size outlet you need to mate with the fixture supply riser.
  5. When replacing copper compression stops, use two crescent wrenches, one on the nut and one on the valve body. Turn the nut clockwise as you look at it. You probably won’t be able to remove the nut without a special tool because of the ferrule ring which has tightened to the copper. Put thread sealant on the ferrule and the valve threads. Use two wrenches again, tightening the nut onto the new valve.
  6. Replacing a threaded pipe stop is just like replacing a standard fitting. Remove the old stop. Use Teflon tape or thread sealant on the threads. Then tighten the new stop with a crescent wrench.

Replacing Fixture Supplies

  1. When replacing fixture supplies or risers stainless steel braided supplies are recommended.
  2. When sizing supplies you will have to take into account the inlet size, outlet size, and length.
  3. Inlet sizes come in 3/8″ compression, 1/2″ compression, and 1/2″ IPS. 3/8″ comp. and 1/2″ IPS are most common.
  4. Sinks will have an outlet size of 1/2″ IPS. Toilets will have an outlet size of 7/8″ Ball Cock.
  5. Be sure you don’t buy supplies that are too short.
  6. Pre made supplies require no thread sealant because they have washers.