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  • Gas meter- access opening min. 22in. x 24in. [1209.5] [2604.1]
  • Gas test­10psi (6in. mercury) for 15 minutes [1204.3.2] [2603.3.1]
  • Main shutoff valve ahead of meter, outside & readily accessible [1209.3] [n/a]

Individual appliance shutoff valves:

  • Outside appliance, ahead of union & <3ft. (6ft.**) from appliance [1211.15] [2606.3]
  • May be inside wall furnace access panel [1211.15] [2606.3.2]

Gas-appliance connector:

  • Sizing pt-13 [1217] [n/a]
  • Max. length 3ft. (6ft. for range or dryer) [1212ex.1] [2607.6]
  • Must not pass through building or appliance wall [1212ex.2] [2607.6]
  • Valve immediately ahead of & sized to connector [1212ex.3] [2607.6]
  • Aluminum alloy dry interiors only [1212ex.5] [n/a]
  • Gas hose <15ft. outdoor portable appliance only [1212ex.7] [2607.6]


Capacities of Metal Gas Appliance Connectors in thousands of Btu/hr. table pt-13

 Semi-rigid O.D. Flex I.D. 1ft. 1-1/2ft. 2ft. 2-1/2ft. 3ft. Ranges & dryers only
4ft. 5ft. 6ft.
 3/8″ 1/4″                

Liquid Gas

  • Appliance not located where gas may collect [1213.5] [2611.4]
  • Bldg. openings below relief valves min. 5ft. (10ft.**) horiz. [1213.5] [2611.4]

Heat Exchanger(Hydronics) Using Potable Water

  • Backflow prevention (reduced pressure) req’d. [602.3] [3402.2.1]
  • Water separated by two (one**) separate walls [603.3.4] 3402.3.2]
  • Vented leak detection path [603.3.4] [n/a]


  • Ballcock critical level min. 1in. above overflow pipe opening [603.3.2] [3214.4]
  • Toilet plumbing fixtures sealed at walls and floors [408.2] [3206.1-3]
  • 1.6gal. flush water closets (new construction only) [energy] [3214.2]
  • Access to tub waste and overflow if slip joints used. [405.2] [3205.1]
  • Tub hose attachments req. vacuum breaker [603.3.7] [n/a]


  • Dishwasher air gap req’d. above sink flood rim [807.4] [3219.1]
  • Sink-hose attachments req. vacuum breaker [603.3.7] [3402.2.2]


  • ABS vents protected with latex paint [IS 5-92, 313.3] [n/a]

Vacuum breakers:

  • Install on all hose bibs [603.3.7] [3402.2.2]
  • Accessible stop-&-waste-type in building in cold climates [n/a] [3408.4]
  • Req’d. >6in. above highest sprinkler fig. p15 [t 6-1] [n/a]
  • No valves downstream [t 6-1] [n/a]


  • Potable water air gap of 2 pipe diameters or min. 1in. [603.2.4] [3402.1]
  • Water-supply valves for each fixture or appliance [605.5] [n/a]
  • Traps seal min. 2in., max. 4in. [1005] [3701.2]
  • Backwater valve accessible if req’d. only one slip joint fitting after traps, and no leaks [710.1] [n/a]
  • Rainwater drains not connected to building drain [714.2] [n/a]
  • AC & refrigeration drains must have airbreak [801.1] [n/a]
  • ÝÝABS above roof(exposed to sunlight) painted with latex paint [IS5 313.4] [ASTM D 2661]


  • Code information is followed by two brackets [301.4.1] [912.3].

The first contains the code numbers or basis for the information preceding the brackets. The first bracket will contain a reference number to the UPC.

The second bracket is the corresponding code number or reference as cited in the CABO One and Two Family Dwelling Code.

  • [trade] Unwritten trade practice
  • [energy] Energy conservation measures modeled on California Title 24 or the Model Energy Code
  • [local] An area of code enforcement often open to local interpretation
  • [**] Difference in CABO from UPC
  • [manu.] Follow manufacturer’s installation instructions
  • ÝÝ Material that does not appear in current edition of Code Check book.
  • [utility] Possible requirement of local utility company
  • IS Installation Standards established by IAPMO