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Have you checked your DWP bill lately? Did you notice how high the “sewer use fees” were, maybe even higher than your water bill? Did you wonder what you could do to reduce the size of the check you write to DWP?

I think we can offer you a solution. We’ve been taking part in a program to install secondary water meters for residences, so that the water used for landscaping is metered separately from the water used inside the home, which goes down the sewer. It turns out that in many cases only one-fourth of the water used is for toilets, bathing, and washing dishes and clothes.

You won’t get charged “sewer use fees” for your landscaping water, and you’ll see a real difference in your bill. In fact, your savings in one year may very well pay for the extra meter installation. After that, your savings will just go into your pocket, year after year.


The Department of Water & Power uses a simple percentage to figure your sewer use charges. Three fifths, or 60%, of all the water you use is calculated to be used for washing and flushing toilets. The rest is for watering your yard.

However, in many cases only one-fourth of the water is used for household reasons. In many homes today, with two-income couples eating out, having their clothes sent out, and rarely being home, their main household usage is for their daily bathing and grooming, with their automatic sprinklers using most of the water.

Here’s an example: DWP charges over $125 in sewer use fees for 100 cubic feet, at the 60% calculation. If only 25% went to household use, the savings would be over $400 in the first year, often paying for the meter in the first year!

And the savings will go on and on and on, increasing as sewer use charges go up! In five years, you may save thousands of dollars! Of course, these figures are only estimates at this point; your savings may be less — or more!

We’d like to give you a no-cost, no-obligation quote to install one of these meters for your home. This includes a Los Angeles City permit, official Municipal Services meter, and inspection by a City plumbing inspector.

I hope to hear from you soon. The sooner you call, the sooner your savings can start — and, with a long, warm and dry winter forecast, your savings will be even greater.