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Removing and Replacing the Toilet

  1. Turn the water supply off to the toilet. Flush the toilet. Remove all water from the toilet with a large sponge or wet vacuum.
  2. Remove the caps from the closet bolts holding the toilet to the floor.
  3. Remove the nuts from the closet bolts. If the bolts spin, use a pair of pliers on the nuts giving them upward pressure when removing them. If need be, cut the bolts with a hack saw or Sawzall.
  4. If the toilet is caulked to the floor the caulking will need to be broken with a knife.
  5. Prepare a place to set the toilet by laying down a rag or a piece of cardboard.
  6. With hands on either side of the toilet seat hinge area, gently lift the toilet out of place.
  7. If you are reinstalling an old toilet, the wax will need to be removed from the bottom with a small putty knife.
  8. Inspect the closet flange for damage to the area the bolts hold onto. If the flange is broken it will need to be replaced.
  9. Install new closet bolts on the flange. If there is a hole under the place the bolts go they will need to be secured to the flange with a stainless or brass nut and washer.
  10. Install a new wax ring with a plastic insert onto the flange. If the floor level is above the flange you may need to add an extra plain wax ring.
  11. Lower the toilet directly in place so that the bolts go through the holes. You should feel the toilet rest on the wax and crush the wax ring as it is secured to the floor.
  12. If you have two piece bolt caps, place the base on first. Next place the metal washer and secure it with a nut. After the toilet is securely fastened, check it to see it doesn’t rotate or move in any way. If need be, shim up the bottom to keep it from rocking.
  13. Attach the water supply. If need be, replace the washer on the toilet connection. If the supply is corrugated copper the washer will need form fitting threads on the inside.
  14. Turn on the water and test for leaks flushing the toilet several times.
  15. Cut off the excess closet bolts with a hacksaw or sawzall being careful not to damage the porcelain. Install the bolt caps
  16. Caulk the base of the toilet and install the seat if needed.